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Diveo MZ-101
Wer über Satellit die privaten TV-Stationen in HD-Qualität sehen möchte, musste sich bisher das verschlüsselte Angebot HD+ holen. Jetzt steht mit Diveo ein weiterer Anbieter am Start, der mit einer neuen Hybridbox auf den Markt kommt. Wir haben das Programmpaket getestet.
Neues Kinosofa von Sofanella
Sofa-Kollektion Bovino Probesitzen
Seit kurzem ist die Sofa-Serie Bovino auch bei dem Heimkino-Spezialisten Bieger Bild & Ton zu sehen. Vorbeischauen lohnt sich! Die Ausstellung von Bieger Bild & Ton ist in Kiedrich bei Wiesbaden.
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MUSIC AND AUDIO (Buch + BluRay mit HD Musik und Testsignalen)
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News Kategorie: HiFi
05.10.2015 10:57 Uhr

Gastartikel: SIAV High End HiFi Show 2015 - Shanghai

Siav Show

Robert Glückshöfer

Shanghai International High-End Hi-Fi Show, concurrent with The Shanghai International Home Theater Show ("SIAV") is organized by the China Audio Industries Association and CCPIT Shanghai Pudong Sub-Council, co-organized by Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Corporation, Shanghai DianYi Exhibition Ltd. and SIAV Audio Visual Club

Introduction of the SIAV:

Starting from 1993 till now, with the longest history and competitive geographical prime location, the SIAV has been playing a prominent role in the industry. The SIAV has been continuously expanding its scale in these years. As the annual vanguard audio visual exhibition, many international audio brand manufacturers have chosen here as their new models and products launch platform. For more than two decades, SIAV has staged at various great venues. For the SIAV 2015 (the 23rd year), we have chosen to return to the Shanghai International Convention Centre (Pudong). The Shanghai International Convention Center has been a distinguished venue, well-respected far and near for professional conventions and exhibitions venue since its inauguration; not only popular in Shanghai but also for the whole China. It embraces so many wonderful silhouettes and memories in its history.

Personal Mobile AV Entertainment Equipments Exhibition

The development of the mobile audio and visual devices accelerates and leads to continuous uprising of its market share. Headphones have been driven to become the hottest audio-visual devices. As signal sources for headphones, mobile audio-visual devices such as portable audio-visual players, MP4 players and smart phones/tablets are three products being highly sought after. While music becomes a necessity in young people`s daily life nowadays, along with 3G and 4G network popularity, they are relying on wireless network both in the workplace and at home. The equipments with wireless and Bluetooth have become their targets which can match with their demand on stylish appearance, compactness, Hi-fi acoustic quality and convenience for moving around with portable music for their personal mobile audio-visual life. Streaming media, personal smart wearable devices, and diversified personal mobile audio-visual entertainment devices have gradually developed into a force constantly infusing into our daily life.

SIAV seems running on the traditional route, but in fact, it has long combined the Hi-fi, home theatre integration and personal mobile audio and visual entertainment equipments into one. With its past 22 years experience and history of organizing AV exhibition, SIAV has been one of the best in the industry of diversified international audio-visual exhibitions. The quest for the world`s most expensive high-end audio equipment, Estonia`s "Slim Waist" speakers --- Estelon flagship version, the 100-inch laser INESA TV of the Shanghai Instrument Electronics have chosen to debut at the 2014 SIAV exhibition. Mr. Glenn Phoenix, the founder of Westlake Audio also gracefully appeared and caught his fans` attention at the SIAV. Many industrial players came particularly for seeing this highly experienced and remarkable person.

We are going to open up a new show zone of personal mobile audio-visual entertainment equipments by assembling diverse major digital brands and all personal mobile audio-visual entertainment devices at the SIAV 2015. This exclusive show zone provides an opportunity that visitors can experience equipments and brands which are unusually reached by them and so audio-visual can realize its personalized mobility.

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